Support for updates
  • More often updates
  • More custom themes
  • Free content


The most popular language in Web
  • Local applications with PHP
  • Switch themes in code
  • Realesed for Windows
  • Realeses for Mac and Linux


Has a lot of advantages
  • Early release with patrons
  • Local applications with Python
  • Realeses for Windows, Mac and Linux


Realese 0.99

Space-Deskop first version.


Update 1.0.1

New documentation and features.


New Theme Update

New Theme with navigation features.

Documentation Update

More information about themes.

Update 1.1.5

Resize the application. Smaller size for Space-Desktop.

New Theme Update

New Theme with sidebar menu.

You can use for desktop apps.

Space desktop is an application for running php and python (in development) code on chromim engine with css, html, js support. You can create desktop software for Windows with php and python (in near future). Realeases for Mac and Linux will be in future updates.

Download Themes

In my plans to add a lot of themes for different applications. You can create your custom themes too.

Check for

All news and updates will be published on this website and in social networks.